Lezar Cheese & Wine Festival


Despite the unseasonably cold weather for November, guests arrived and gathered around the stone fountain at the stables.

A feeling of excitement hung in the air, riders were dressed, horses were anxious, ready to perform.

With a blast of music the horse and carriage appeared, old fashioned to the core! A young rider warmed up a Friesian in the paddock, what would happen next? A young lady rider, dressed in a feathered green dress rode a beautiful Friesian into the arena, trotting and performing to the music. The sight was breath taking.

From there guests moved up to the Gallery Room where various wine merchants had set up their tasting tables. There was an amazing variety of wines, some 'golden oldies' and some 'new kids on the block'. The room was abuzz with tasters, business was brisk and many of the merchants sold all the stock they had brought with them.

Servers walked around with platters of tasty snacks , whetting appetites for the food that was served in the Lounge Room and Ballroom. The snacks and finger food served were plentiful and delicious. Think glasses filled with lettuce, avocado and fillet, topped with a spicy mayonnaise. There were cupcake containers of couscous, freshly baked breads to go with cheese and preserves, mini chicken kebabs and fresh grapes. This was serious 'eat, drink and be merry' territory!

Overall it was a well planned, entertaining and festive evening.